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2016 & 2017 PASS OUTS


B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / M.E(CS) / M. Tech(IT) / MCA

Skills, Abilities and Knowledge Required

  • Data type (size of Data type, storage class specifiers, scope of variable)
  • Operators (Operator precedence and all operators)
  • Number System (how data is stored in memory)
  • Control flow( if else, loop, switch)
  • Accessing Structure using pointer to structure and structure variable.
  • File Manipulation (Data reading from file and writing to file).
  • String Manipulation.
  • Pre-processor
  • Functions using call by value, call by reference, returning values, returning pointer
  • Handling Pointer (single pointer and double pointer) and Array (single Dimension and multi dimension)
  • Memory Allocation (Static Memory and Dynamic Memory)
  • Type Conversion and usage of Generic Pointer – void
  • Structure and union (including Structure padding) and handling Bit fields
  • Pointer to Function, usage of static function and inline function


  • Data structure
    • Linked List
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Binary Tree
    • AVL Tree
    • Red-Black Tree
    • Searching and sorting Techniques
  • Basic unix commands and vim editor commands(create Directory, copy file, create file, save file, quit file likewise).

Books Need To Follow


Dot net Developers

B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates

Job Description

  • Developing UI Components for High Volume Data Centric application using C# and Javascript
  • Working extensively with 3rd Party Javascript libraries like Jquery, D3, KendoUI and Angular JS
  • Better understanding of Web and Windows development eco systems.
  • Developing High Standard Products using WPF Framework
  • Working with Thread, TPL and Async and Await model
  • Leveraging the power of OOPS and Design Pattern to develop Custom Components

Skill Set

  • HTML5, CSS3 (Media Query), Object Oriented Javascript and JSON.
  • Jquery, Bootstrap.
  • .Net Framework, CLR, CLS, CTS and JIT (CLR Execution Model)
  • C# 4+ (Class, Props, events, delegates, lambda expression, collection and Generics).
  • ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI 2.0.
  • Knowledge on Exception handling and debugging.
  • OOPS Concepts and better to have Design Pattern Knowledge.
  • Good to have knowledge on Datastructure and Algorithm.

Reference Books

  • For Dotnet:
    • C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, 5th Edition By Joseph Albahari abd Ben Albahari and
  • For Javascript:
    • Javascript -, and

Android Developers

B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates


  • Crafting performance critical applications with intuitive UI
  • Creating System tools and Utility applications.
  • Creating Custom widgets like Charts
  • Developing code libraries to support rapid application development.
  • Using design patterns, data structures and advanced algorithms as per the requirement of the applications.
  • Working with hardware level APIs like Camera, Sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Working with SQLite Database, Calendar and Contacts API's, Google Maps etc.

Skill Set


  • Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation.
  • Abstract Classes, Interfaces and Static Inner Classes.
  • Access Control, Auto-boxing, Casting and Exception Handling.
  • String Manipulation, Collections and Generics.
  • Java I/O and Networking.


  • Android Architecture and Applications Fundamentals.
  • Application Components and their Life Cycle.
  • User Interface, Layouts, UI Components, List View, Adapters, Input Events and Event Handling.
  • Activities, Fragments and Back-stack.
  • Saving Data in Android, Shared Preferences, Files and SQLite Database.


  • Object Oriented Modeling and Design Patterns.

Reference Books

  • For JAVA:
    • Head First Java
    • Java All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies
  • For Android:
    • Pro Android 4
    • Android wireless Application Development

NOTE: Candidates strong in core java can attend the interview

Database Developers

B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates


The Database Developer's role is to develop and maintain databases across the organization, while ensuring high levels of data availability. The Database Developer will evaluate and advise on all technology components, such as software, hardware, and networking capabilities, for database management systems and applications. As part of the role they will be responsible for implementing data dashboards to all levels of the organization.

Candidate should have proficient knowledge in the following

  • How SQL Query works
  • The concepts of REGEXP functions, Analytical functions, XML handling, PLSQL tables, cursors, Pivot etc.
  • Knowing the Basic concepts like joins, subqueries, group by, inbuilt functions etc.
  • Process of connecting different Databases using synonyms, views, users/schema.
  • Performance Tuning of queries.
  • Analysis of Data issues and generating reports.
  • Live data analysis for generating statistical reports for each year.
  • Writing night run batches and scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly process.
  • Ability to migrate the code and data from one platform to another (like SQL Server-Oracle, Oracle - SQL Server).
  • Handling of File Extraction/Creation.
  • Retrieving all the attribute data for each unique transaction/event.
  • Forecasting events through "R" language conversion to SQL.

PHP Developers

B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates


  • Should have good knowledge of core PHP
  • Knowledge of object oriented PHP programming
  • Basic knowledge of its frameworks like laravel, codeigniter.
  • Back end Scripting for Data Manipulate - PHP
  • Database for captured data - MySQL
  • Good knowledge of the common PHP or web server exploits and their solutions.

Skill Set

  • Have a good grasp of web technologies including PHP,MySQL, HTML, Object Oriented JavaScript and JSON
  • Web page designing - HTML5, CSS3(Media Query), JQuery
  • Operating System -Windows/Linux
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system.
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.

IOS Developers

B.E(CSE) / B.Tech(IT) / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates


  • Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Classes and Objects in Objective-C
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Self, super keywords and id type
  • Protocols
  • Categories
  • Object-Mutability
  • Foundation Framework
    • Number Objects
    • String Objects
    • Collection Objects
    • Toll free
  • Blocks
  • Memory management


  • Cocoa fundamentals (Reference: Cocoa fundamentals guide)
    • Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C
    • The Root Class
    • Object Retention and Disposal
    • Class Clusters
    • Inheriting from a Cocoa Class
    • The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
    • Object Modeling
    • Communication in Object-Oriented Programs
  • iOS App Programming (Reference: iOS App programming guide)
    • Core App Objects
    • App States and Multitasking
    • State Preservation and Restoration
  • View Programming concepts (Reference: View Programming guide)
  • View Controller Programming (Reference: View Controller programming guide)
    • View Controller Basics
    • Custom View Controllers
    • Navigation Controllers
    • Model View Controllers
    • UITableViewController
  • Gesture Recognizers, Animation Basics
  • Creating User Interfaces Programatically.
  • UITextView and Keyboard handling

Software Test Engineers

B.E / B.Tech / B.Sc(CS) / B.Sc(IT) / BCA / M.E(CS) / M.Tech(IT) / M.Sc(CS) / M.Sc(IT) / MCA Graduates

Candidate should possess knowledge in the following

  • Domain & System Study
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Requirement Documentation
  • Prototype Creation & Testing
  • GAP Analysis
  • Test Cases
  • Smoke Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • Adhoc Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Issue Tracking
  • Version Controlling
  • User Acceptance Testing

Executive - Talent Acquisition


Job Description

  • To co-ordinate with the various decision makers in Colleges across India for Talent Acquisition
  • To interact with candidates across Colleges and analyze their skills and match to our requirements
  • To monitor the candidates carrying out activities related to our requirement and analyze their workability
  • To maintain proper reports with respect to the various activities related to Talent Acquisition and Candidate Monitoring