gboxz family provides software for any industry vertical due to its business framework that helps in converting innovative ideas into cost effective quality solutions and providing immense value to our customers. Here are a sample of few industries that gboxz Family supports.



Collaborative Workflow system for the team, with prompt reminders and automated action list on your client tax filings date,Computation of tax and deductions.Contains Form Manager to generate the forms with data using the predefined existing Government forms and ability to create user defined forms.



Enhanced system helps in tracking students from application to university induction process. Gstudyz helps creating marketing campaigns and has social media integration for more prospects. The integrated online system helps students to select the course, country and clear eligibility for the same.



Apparelz, is an innovative business solution for the garment industry, designed being flexible to meet changing business requirements.gapparelz integrates all the operations & functions of a garment unit seamlessly.


A comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operations, such as medical, administrative, financial and legal corresponding processing. ghealthz provides tools to scale the business. The built in CRM provides enhanced Patient Care, Improves work efficiency, Improve Fiscal Control for eliminating the chances of any Pilferage.



Advanced Reservation system processing both the membership and non-membership bookings during season and non-season times. Integrated CRM system which can make prospectus to clients and satisfied guests. Incorporated with website for online booking includes service level bookings and cancellations.



Intelligent yield monitoring system which can track the process and materials from raw materials to finished product for brilliant forecast. Perfect planning system which reduces the cut to crush time with effective harvesting logistics management. gsugarz makes all the users of a sugar Industry interconnected with easy, fast and reliable informational work flow.



Improved tracking system with stage wise classification of materials reporting on real time using Barcode and RFID. Enhanced Integrated CRM application to manage your customers effectively and profitably. Ability to track the party wise and material wise billing for single or multiple sites. Accurate tracking of job statuses for better forecasting.


Complete software solution designed for creating and managing consignments,Courier dispatching system with GPS, Comprehensive accounts/billing. Helps in planning, organising and executing on time deliveries.Delivery tracking feature that supports delivery scheduling, analytics and notifications.



An intelligent and powerful practice management system that delivers efficiency and enhances business performance.Aiding in specialized time-savings tools to assist practitioners with each patient visit, from check-in to walkout.Convenient appointment Scheduling, Dental Charting,client management, marketing and reporting.


Equipped with integrated information system designed to manage all aspects of a Diagnostics center. Unique lab solution which assists in creating smart reports of Biochemistry, Hematology, Serology, Culture/Sensitivity ect. Based on web provides access to patients and doctors to get the reports online. User friendly diagnostic management software also helps in analysis your business growth month and year wise, tracking sales performance, billing and report generation.



Innovative Inventory management system which have multi-warehousing support and report near expiry products for users to decide upon boosting that item sales. Intelligent reporting system for listing best and least selling products on a time period which realizes the sales demand. Integrated with supplier which can import the data and tracks the materials in shipment.



Perfect solution for Retailers to bridge the gap between sales, service and marketing operations. Sophisticated dealer management workflow provides powerful techniques for reporting, collections, inventory management, online payment, and integrated accounting.


Engineeringz provides a variety of functions to manage service aspects of an engineering industry.



Unique software solution that tracks vehicles and pieces of equipment; schedules maintenance; produces work orders and maintenance histories. Quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for your fleet. Also helps in managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables across your enterprise.



Exportz specializes in shipment, landed cost calculation and inventory tracking as well as document generation and management process. Facilitates users by means of forecasting inventory, assisting in calculation of true cost & profitability of goods with landed cost. Also helps in efficiently maintaining and tracking operational records starting from purchasing to final delivery.


Farmz is embeded with key descision parameters and intelligent business workflow that goes into organizing and operating a farm for profit. It also provides overall managing and tracking of produce at all stages.



Fermsz is built with a robust system capable of handling complexity with its intelligent and detailed lot tracking to its ingredient tracking and tracing right from point of origin throughout production to its final product providing an end to end tracebility



Intelligently crafted software solution to overcome issues that get in the way of effective budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Effective calculation of financial ratios and indicators, through business intelligence, automatic financial analysis reports generation.application that provides dynamic charting and reporting and allows comprehensive range of analytical possibilities.



Flourz provides Flour mills a gamut of process workflow with key indicators at each step, its efficent lot tracking is capable to track raw materials from its origin to the its product.


Crafted for efficient inventory management, costing and accounting Food & beverage revenue reporting and business intelligence tool. Ultimately focused on building new recipes rapidly, engineering menu quickly, getting nutritional information, managing promotions, menu changes, new policies and offer maintenance. Collaborate and communicate with team, share ideas and recipe files in a safe & secure environment.



Fundz is a perfect software solution for managing funds from various resources. Especially in tracking funding and automated fund approvals through workflows. gFundz simplifies and enforces complex rules for allocations of funds, including strict timing requirements and limitations on the types of projects.



Efficient Planning and Scheduling system which satisfies customer needs with ontime delivery. Tracking of material from site to customer with the enhanced tracking system with the use of batch number, serial number to barcode and RFID. Easy tracking of multiple location inventory by using centralized system which maintains low EOQ level results in high profit. Efficiently co-ordinating purchase and production process to satisfy the need of the customer and market.



Cementz is designed with a natural process flow controller to manage the all round key complex process points in a collaborative business framework. An end to end application providing users key decision parameters at every given step.


Hotelz is a management solution that scales and adapts to the requirements of every hotel - from a small property to a multi-property luxury brand. Efficient software crafted in the correct way to perform important organizational and financial tasks and activities by hotels. Major functionalities includes reservations, customer relationship management, property and maintenance management, accounting, employee scheduling and live customer requests tracking management.



Provides a complete and comprehensive solution specifically for Point of Sale, Customer Management, Accounting, Inventory and Reporting. A powerful solution which includes advanced features such as forecasting, statistical analysis and analytics combined with latest proven technology offer an intuitive, feature-rich head office retail control system.


Multi dimensional inventory management system which tracks the work-in-progress and raw materials for efficient Production control. Easy tracking and delivery of order using scheduling and rescheduling the process across internal and external production lines. Improved Order tracking in shop floor with size, color and pattern matrices for products.



Innovative business application that guides real-time insight in delivering higher customer satisfaction. Helps in maintaining operational costs to provide optimized level of services. Fully integrated Warehouse Management, Service Billing and Accounting System. Also helps in efficient delivery route optimization through geo-location and tracking which provides an accurate and regular coverage of all deliveries at any given time.



Powerful inventory centric system, which features raw materials management, asset management, and customized reporting. Helps in automating using seamless workflow management from Enquiry, order and purchasing processes. Efficiently offers modules including Manufacturing Execution, Supplier Management, and Business Intelligence. System measures and analyzes Key Performance Indicators, so users can easily have an accurate depiction of current productivity levels.


Innovative business solution helping brands and ad agencies to manage creative and complex projects. Efficiently monitor marketing efforts for every clients in your agency. Provide workflows for effectively managing and trafficking ads within the platform. Easily Track key success metrics reach, conversions and more.



Secured Transaction system which displays medicines which are near expiry to sell first to reduce the medi-waste and lock the items which are expired for quality service. Tracking the medicine location in racks / places while billing makes it easy to deliver. Alerting in case of expiry or near expiry products & crossing of credit limits and overdues. gmedicalz provides a multi-dimensional reporting system that creates a platform to plan and run business effectively



Innovative system prioritize the process in shop floor to quick delivery of order. Creation of automatic PO's with predictive algorithm will reduce time for preparation and efficient use of materials makes more profit. Tracking of material from raw material before production, with batches or lots while production, to inventory after production & container while transit makes the system to visualize the user order. Handling Multiple warehouses with varied unit of measure for items holds the key to have reduced running cost.


Millz tracks an Order in production & Tracking the deviation between production plan and actual result. Scheduling and sequencing of products in batches to get maximum efficient output by considering the downtime. Forecasting the demand with scheduling regular quality checks in inventory with contigency plans for products and wastes



Brilliant management system which stores patient's health record. Perfectly handling online and walkin appointments by providing online shared calendar to patients. Automatic remainder and followup system to manage the patient visits.



Innovative management system handling both scheduled and walk-in appointments with reduced waiting time by providing the pre-service medications. gOpthaz provides an Integrated online system for patients to schedule their appointments. Enhanced Insurance claim management and alert patients on report readiness.



Packz is an innovative system that tracks goods at multiple warehouses and in transit. Easy generation of invoices in different formats which can be emailed directly from the system. Increase orders using online booking and Order management system which integrates with the supplier and client online.


Intricately designed application dynamically drives optimum utilization of all available resources, capturing actual production and consumption against planned and Produced material. Intelligent industry workflow enabled gpaperz application allows dessemination of information providing decision provoking KPI's at all user levels.



Secured management system which holds the change records for all formula, bills of material and batch jobs etc. Track and trace the lot controlled inventory which can alerts the user while maintaining the shelf life of materials. Allows forward and backward lot traceability for enhanced support



Advanced system which imports and parses data from any file formats and tracks the applicant’s status in sourcing, in progress, rejected and on boarded. The referral management system in gplacementz also provides post openings and social media integration and scheduling interviews with shared company calendar.



Innovative Management system which prepares & tracks machine schedules for the materials in batches both sequentially and parallely; Tracks and reuse the different type of scrap materials while production; Managing the multi level bill of materials which alerts the user on the event of reduction of shelf-life; Intelligent Forecasting system which maintains low inventory by tracking goods in transit.


Intelligent Planning system which estimates the raw materials and the time required for production. Automatic preparation of work order and manual verification of the same makes the system more reliable and efficient. Efficient handling of logs, materials in inventory for meeting the customer satisfaction quickly.



Improved tracking system with stage wise classification of materials reporting on real time using tracking devices. Enhanced Integrated CRM application to manage customers effectively and profitably. Ability to track the party wise and material wise billing for single or multiple sites. Accurate tracking of job statuses for better forecasting.


Chemicalz provides reciepe/formula based precise product costing and Bills of Material. With efficent lot tracking and end to end smart tracking of process equipments using condition based monitoring of maintenance.



Un-matched control and traceability helps tracking changing demand, short product lifecycles and regulatory requirements with ease. Integrated supply chain management gives great control over every aspect of complex supply chain processes. Effective and Closer collaboration between suppliers and distributors adds more advantage to the business. Features included are not limited to supply chain management, automated data flow, integrated enterprise management tools and much more.



Online Transaction system to get orders and complaints from clients. Keeping tracking of all consumables for orders which makes optimized level of materials in inventory to minimize the carrying cost and repair downtime. Integrated CRM system which tracks and reports the job statuses to clients which increases customer satisfaction.


Advanced inventory management system with EOQ levels and better handling of consignment stocks. Capability of handling batch and lot production schedules for better production control. Workflow management system for approvals and requests from vendors online which enhances the production plan.



Computerz neatly measures, reports and controls the functions within a quantifiable dealership yield. Assures reliable and timely information of significant importance to the dealer and dealership management. Improves customer service, manages field service visits and reduces costs while providing enhanced services to customers. Keeping business owners in mind, gcomputerz provides total control of operations, from the front checkout counter to the back office.



Complete package with seamless tracking from Pre Sales to delivery with an all encompasing financial module and workflow reporting providing granular reporting information on basis of their roles.


Embedded decision support system to make or buy, forecast & plan for procurement, controlling inventory storage and plan for human resource contracts / recruitments. Controlling the financial consumption within budget, maintaining the Land details and the information of supplier & clients with instant communication maintaining the material usage and classified them which induces scrap benefits



Clearz provides an end to end workflow to manage all activities of clearing and forwarding industry. The inbuilt document processing and government liason modules are fulfilled using the embedded forms generator.


Fascinating user interface for clients which have multi currency and language capabilities, Inducing Clients with wide range of communication medium. Providing offer guidance, customized itinerary creation and location wise season management for increased sales and commissions. Better support of refunds and customer relation.